The amount spent every second across e-commerce platforms. Your share starts with a clean, engaging, and user-friendly online storefront.

Enterprise Web Design

Every design project begins with a thorough in-depth research process. Our unique designs are based on more than just visual aesthetics. They also get results. Solid planning and thoughtful artistry will help you hit your key performance indicators. Our designs build powerful brands and reliable user experiences, putting your company in the right direction.


Integrating applications and databases creates dangerous blind spots, both for your internal data and external users. We addresses these threats by combining compliance, responsiveness, and engineering without sacrificing usability and agility.

Digital Marketing

Our data-driven digital marketing process involves auditing and analyzing results in order to develop a strategy that works best for you. We go beyond traditional key performance indicators like click-through rates and traffic. Our goal is to design a program tailored to your business, that is modern, sharp, and effective. Your marketing won’t lag behind and neither will your growth.

Website Development Expertise


.NET is popular due to its strong support programs, accessible libraries, secure code, and APIs. We have a wealth of experience developing applications in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.


Our PHP work has included: third party integrations, Magento websites hosted on AWS, Drupal government projects, complex portal development, and more.

System Architecture

After gathering business requirements, we collaboratively select the best platform and design a hosting solution. We then implement a data migration strategy to seamlessly get you up and running in your new environment.

CMS Solutions

Although your options are endless, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento are the most popular frameworks we work with. We have also worked with .NET content management systems like Orchard and Umbraco.

Quality Assurance

You can count on Atlantic BT for more than detecting bugs and performance issues. We also test accessibility / 508 compliance, cross-browser experience, and mobile experience.


Selecting the right, scalable hosting service is crucial to the future growth and stability of your business. This means weighing your resource and security requirements, budget, and resources.


Basic Website

starting at $99

Advanced Website

starting at $199

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